Selection of our previous services

On this page we would like to present a small selection of our range of services and the solutions we have realised so far.

Manual wafer handling

Custom wafer gripper for handling of thin 200mm substrates

  • with large gripper jaws for low substrate load
  • closing position adjustable
  • made out of PEEK for superior mechanical stability and chemical resistance
  • with guide legs for precise placement on a compatible base station

This wafer gripper enables the manual processing of large and particularly thin and sensitive substrates (e.g. glass or silicon wafers). The wafers can be lifted out of the appropriate carrier station without the use of tweezers and placed or suspended together with the gripper in a glass dish for wet chemical processing (e.g. etching or development of a lithographic resist). Due to the extremely low mechanical stress on the substrate, experimental and development processes are thus possible even with wafers that are otherwise difficult to handle, without the risk of damage caused by conventional tweezers. The substrate remains in the gripper during the entire process (e.g. etch - rinse - dry) and the error rate due to manual handling is reduced enormously. The grippers can be customized (wafer size from 100mm to 300m or 4" to 12"; material of the gripper jaws e.g. PEEK or PTFE / Teflon).

Simple 100mm wafer gripper with 3 different clamping positions

  • opening width, closing position and clamping force adjustable
  • made out of PEEK for superior mechanical stability and chemical resistance
  • easy handling due to a movable arm and intuitive operation via the handle

Holding device for square 5" lithography masks

  • handle removable with one hand and flat design
  • made entirely out of PEEK for superior mechanical stability and chemical resistance even with complete immersion
  • the lithography mask can pass through various cleaning baths together with the holder

Adapters and devices

Storage box for reticle boxes

  • customised storage box for 4 stepper mask boxes (reticle box)
  • dust-tight, transparent door made of electrostatically dissipative PMMA
  • body made of conductive POM against electrostatic charges

Customised specimen holder

  • customised holder for a specific chip size
  • minimised contact area of the sensitive chip surface with the holder
  • made out of PP for superior chemical resistance
  • with matching lid and fluidically optimised design for efficient wet chemical processing

Various holders and adaptors

  • spare parts and special solutions made of plastic and metal
  • adaptation of existing equipment
  • sample-specific holders, clamps and adaptors of all kinds

our processing options

we can offer these services
  • 3D design and construction
  • machining of engineering plastics, aluminum and steel (limited)
  • conventional milling
  • CNC milling
  • conventional turning
  • engraving